Bar Crawl

2016 Participating Venues

ID CARD Pickup/Make-up Appointments
BB Makeup Cosmetic Bar – 101 E. Superior Street – 218-481-7338

7 West Taphouse – 7 W. Superior Street – 218.727.2494
Aces On First – 113 W. First Street – 218.727.0373
Carmody Irish Pub – 308 E. Superior Street – 218.740.4747
Dubh Linn Irish Pub – 109 W. Superior Street – 218.727.1559
Duluth Flame Nightclub -28 North 1st Avenue West- 218.727.2344
Spurs on First – 109 W. First Street – 218.464.0175
Rex Nightclub – 600 E. Superior Street – 218.733.3090

Bar crawl runs from 7:30PM to 11:30PM.  You are welcome to start at any venue and “crawl/walk” at your own pace.

You must be wearing your Official Zombie ID Card – your card will be marked by our Zombie Crawl Staff at each venue.  A completed Zombie ID Card will get you in to the Rex After-Party for free plus make you eligible for all sorts of great prizes to be given away at the party.

REGISTER TODAY!  It’s just 12 bucks to be a part of the Crawl- this includes the official Zombie ID Card and the official Zombie After-Party  at the Rex Nightclub!  You must be 21 years of age or older to participate.

You can also register in person at the following locations & times:
REX BAR – 11PM-1AM on Wednesday, Oct.5th
ST. SCHOLASTICA – 11AM-1PM on Thursday, Oct.6th
(in the Student Center – Tower Hall)
BB MAKE-UP – 10AM-6PM on Friday, Oct.7th
(101 E. Superior Street)
REX BAR – 4PM-7:30PM on Friday, Oct.7th

October 7th, 2016